who am i?

I'm a fast, experienced, efficient and deadly frontend developer, with an unbridled enthusiasm for the web and a tireless, compulsive work ethic. I come with 19 years of experience, 11 of which as a 100% remote employee. I am currently residing in Asheville, NC.

I love what I do, thoroughly enjoy solving problems, and welcome opportunities to work alone, or more preferrably, on a team of other high-impact, thoughtful engineers.

my skills

html/css (+ responsive design), Test-Driven JavaScript (ReactJS, jQuery, backbone, underscore), GraphQL, Python, Django, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Git, AWS/S3/CloudFront, Gruntfiles, npm, zsh, PageRank speed optimization/SEO, Jest/Enzyme/React Testing Library (for JS-unit testing), Cypress, building custom Chrome/Safari/Opera/Firefox addons, CI (Jenkins/Travis/CircleCI), Github actions, Bash shell scripts (for automation).

I'm also a musician/producer, indie record label owner, and proud alumni of the Asheville Symphony Chorus (I'm a tenor).

latest employment

I am currently working as a Senior Frontend Engineer at DialogTech. Powered by AI, DialogTech analyzes conversations to provide marketing and sales teams a wealth of insights for smarter optimizations.

Previously I was employed as a software engineer with Chicago-based Catalytic, which is a web-driven solution to automate redundant business processes through customizable workflows, AI-driven predictive modeling, and machine learning.

Before that I was at the helm as a Senior UI Engineer with Analyte Health. As a 100%-remote employee, I pride myself in my ability to communicate effectively from afar. I'm responsive for the front-end stack and every moment of project development from conception to implementation to maintenance/large scale refactoring.